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8 August 2017

Creative agency Change Serviceplan (Group One) will prepare relaunch of, one of the three most recognisable online stores in Poland. Change Serviceplan is responsible for an image campaign and brand repositioning, after a long absence of in media. ATL’s broad-based campaign is going to be the next step in a dynamic development of, after changes in the ownership structure and the launch of a new platform in 2016.

CHANGE SERVICEPLAN starts with “Do it better” campaign for Moto Z

23 May 2017

Change Serviceplan and Value Media have prepared the communication of the new Moto Z smartphones generation for Lenovo. Value Media was responsible for media planning and buying and Change Serviceplan was in charge of communication strategy and the creative concept, including the campaign’s slogan. The creative concept prepared by the agency – “Do it better” – is based on the global idea “Think different”. The campaign shows that Moto Z belongs to the new era of smartphones that encourage you to take action. “Do it better” campaign is the first brand’s activity of such scale with a Poland-dedicated TV spot aired in major TV channels.

Change Serviceplan has prepared communication for AA for the third time

24 March 2017

This time the campaign will regard the new line of anti-wrinkle products in Oceanic’s portfolio – NovaSkin. The new ambassador of the brand is the actress Kinga Preis who, as she states, „has never felt so good in her skin before”. NovaSkin is the line of cosmetics enriched with lactobionic acid with Acti-Repair system. Those ingredients make the skin smoother and better moistured – they make the skin look brand new. Every woman in her forties can feel well in her own skin and look beautiful. Her skin can be beautiful with Nova, the best example of which is Kinga Preis herself.

The campaign features a 15” spot to be broadcast in the biggest TV channels, such as Polsat, TVN or TVP.

The creative concept, including the campaign’s slogan, was prepared by CHANGE Serviceplan. The spot was directed by Kuba Kossak and produced by Film Produkcja studio.

CHANGE Serviceplan is the author of the new campaign for Almette (Hochland Group)

As a result of a won pitch CHANGE Serviceplan has prepared a campaign for Almette (Hochland Group). The world pictured in the spot is 100% natural and beautiful, although what is beautiful does not always have to be perfect. One should not, however, change the real nature. That is why Almette is always made of only natural ingredients. This idea is reflected as well in the campaign’s slogan: 100% of pleasure, 100% of natural ingredients.

The campaign will be run in all-Poland TV channels, including Polsat, TVP, TVN, in cinemas and in the internet. CHANGE Serviceplan is responsible for the creative concept. The spot was directed by Kim Jacobsen and produced by Easy Hell studio. The post production process was carried out by Rio de Post. Value Media was in chargé of media purchase.

CHANGE Serviceplan decentralises agency’s management

15 March 2017

Four people will take the new position: Jola Mazurek (Group Account Director), Piotr Niemczyński (Group Account Director), Michał Tyburcy (Account Director) and Karol Stefański (Head of Digital) – all of them closely associated with CHANGE agency and the structures of Group One.

Business Directors will be fully responsible for their parts of business – all business-related and operational activities of their Clients, the stability and efficiency of their teams and P&L of the accounts they supervise. That indicates, that having at their disposal such resources as the departments of Strategy, Creation and Production, they can be fully responsible for everything happening on their field. Moreover, each of them will be responsible for a specific aspect in the functioning of the entire agency. Business Directors have individual bonus plans estimations, that promote both business results and the level of Clients’ satisfaction.

The traditional model of hierarchy that has applied for years is the system in which individual accounts are supervised by Account Directors or Group Account Directors reporting to Client Service Directors, who accordingly reports to Managing Director. In CHANGE the path was already shorter, as I personally act as Client Service Director, but we decided that we need to improve the decision-making process, as its efficiency is crucial to the projects we realise – says Wojciech Putrzyński, CEO and Managing Director of CHANGE Serviceplan. The constantly increasing pace of projects’ realisation, great amount of new business projects (several dozens a year) and vaster international cooperation demand managing structure able to bear those circumstances. And it is not just about the quantity, but also about the quality – sums up.

This sends, on one hand, a signal to the market that CHANGE Seviceplan has competent high-level managers on board, who can independently shape the cooperation with their Clients, and on the other hand it is a clear way to appreciate the managers’ work and experience.


Almette (Hochland Group) chooses CHANGE Serviceplan

25 January 2017

CHANGE Serviceplan won the pitch for an overall creative campaign of Almette brand (Hochland Group). The cooperation is project-based.
We have trusted Change Serviceplan with the preparation of the campaign for our flagship brand Almette, as we found their creative idea appealing and corresponding with our view of how contemporary communication should look like. Fast and efficient work of Change Serviceplan’s team was an equally important aspect. – comments Rafał Masiak, Marketing Director of Hochland Poland.

CHANGE Serviceplan wins HEG pitch

12 January 2017

Group One’s companies – CHANGE Serviceplan advertising agency and MEDIAPLUS media house have won a pitch for full service of HEG brand in the entire digital channel. HEG is a part of Hermes Energy Group S.A., a company based on Polish capital, which operates mainly on the liberalised natural gas market in Poland, but is also present on the European liquid fuels market. HEG’s activities focus on sales and delivery of gas and consulting services.

As a result of the pitch MEDIAPLUS will be responsible for the overall activity in the digital channel, including planning and running display campaigns that build brand’s awareness and image on the Polish market and performance activities. CHANGE agency will be in charge of creative concepts.

The contract is a long-term one.

Both agencies have already been cooperating with HEG. In March 2016 they were responsible for the preparation of creative concepts, as well as for planning and buying media for the launch campaign.

Change has a plan. Serviceplan.

7 December 2016

Since the moment Change was founded, we have been adding new skills to our repertoire, sharing knowledge and experience with our customers and increasing revenues (both theirs and ours). And now… we have decided to expand exponentially — to the power of Serviceplan! Just what is Serviceplan? Two years ago, we didn’t know either, but we can now confidently say that it is a force.

Serviceplan is Germany’s largest independent communications marketing group. Given that Germany is the fourth-largest economy in the world, it is no surprise that Serviceplan is also No. 1 in this category in Europe. The facts are overwhelming: EUR 2.1 billion in annual revenues, no fewer than 40 specialized companies, and 3,400 employees in 35 offices.

Serviceplan holds a 25% minority stake in Group One (of which Change is a part), which guarantees our independence and operational freedom. We are not joining a network. We are becoming a partner of an independent group of expert marketing companies with a global reach. For more than 40 years, Serviceplan has been successfully managed by family owners, and every company in the group is run by managers who are also co-owners who hold substantial stakes, which ensures a level of decision-making and flexibility not found in network companies. For us, it is also very important that Serviceplan has an excellent creative reputation. In recent years, it has won 62 Lions at the Cannes Lions Festival (it was most the successful German agency at the festival in 2012-13), and this year it was awarded the title of ‘Agency of the Year 2016’ at the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards.

To fully benefit from the skills and knowledge base of the entire Serviceplan Group, we have added our new partner’s name to our own, and we will now be called Change Serviceplan.

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CHANGE is the author of the latest spot for Cholinex (GSK)

21 November 2016

A new campaign has been launched for anti sore throat tablets Cholinex (the leader in the sore throat medications category sales volume wise).
The new creative line prepared by Change agency features cartoon characters of Cholicemen. In a 30” TV commercial the new brand heroes “fight evil for a healthy throat” – they eliminate pain and swelling and kill bacteria that cause them.


”Life is worth tasting” – the new campaign for Mieszko S.A. by CHANGE

4 November 2016

As a consequence of a won pitch CHANGE has prepared the new communication platform Life is worth tasting for Mieszko S.A. chocolate products. The main idea is based on celebrating sweet and precious moments of life spent with those closest to you.
The first flight of the new campaign focuses on Michaszki. The campaign has an all-Poland character, it will be mainly displayed on OOH carriers in Warsaw, Cracow, Łódź, Tricity, Wrocław, Poznań, Szczecin, Racibórz and in Zagłębie and Silesia districts.


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