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Step into the summer

Together we go for more summer sun in the new CCC campaign which is loved by millions of polish people.


Millennium Bank in our new summer release!

Millennium Bank in our new summer release!

We did it better for Moto Z!

Change Serviceplan starts with the new Motorola campaign. Hello Moto!

Add stories.

Discover the new MINI Countryman and add your story.

A beautiful woman with Nova

Every woman in her forties can feel well in her own skin and look beautiful.

Let’s go see the world

We have felt the spring coming, we are bravely going out to see the world.

100% of pleasure

One should not, change the real nature.

A story saved in an amber

Wisely located money are like wisely located feelings – they earn interest in time.

BMW motivates

Success is not inherited, you have to earn it.

Finances under control

Standing on one of the square is an art that few can master.

Saving is in good taste

We like to see our savings grow.

Just BLIK it

Fast, comfortable and safe. BLIK is the best way to do your mobile payments.

Fighting evil for a healthy throat

The new brand heroes in the Cholinex campaign.

Life is worth tasting

We are celebrating sweet and precious moments spent with those closest to us.

Poland is all ears

We break the stereotypical mindset that marginalizes the deaf.

Autumn comebacks

Autumn is about coming back home – to friends and family.

We fight with sore throat

We emphasise maximum efficiency and fastness of Orofar Max action against viral infections and sore throat.

LOTEK the crane is back on board of LOT

It is going to be a very pleasant flight, especially for the youngest passengers.

Roman holidays

The legend has it that the Trevi Fountain in Rome has the power to make your wishes come true.

We drum up Grand Video Awards creatively

As the creative partner we have prepared a promotional spot, a competition’s website and a logo.

On a Dutch custom of sharing a bill

We show how easy it is to follow the custom if you have an account in Millennium Bank. it is our live

Grzegorz Krychowiak has joined team.

Matejko painting comes to life

Millennium Bank changes the way we view personal account that is full of benefits and cost 0 PLN.

Tasty campaign for Pudliszki

In the TV spot we show how hard it is to resist nibbling on meat-stuffed cabbage before it lands on your plate.

About solid facts for Proama insurance

The creative concept focuses on illustrating Proama salesman’s conversation with a client.

Creative approach to alergy

How shall we, however, present the advantages of a modern alergy medication?

A hattrick for Millennium Bank

In sportsmanship hattrick is no mean feat and we explain the story behind the name.

A well-tuned campaign for the new line of AA Cosmetics

What is the best way to show the effectiveness of a new cosmetic?

Gas is power

We used the blue flame to build clear metaphor anyone can relate to.


If you want to get somewhere, you need to hit the road.


We have created a rebranding campaign for AXN.


We are the ones behind the Acatar campaign.

We strengthen Amazon`s image in Poland

The employer branding campaign underlines key facts related to Amazon`s investments in Poland.

We share the emotions of Radio ZET

In our latest spot we infect positive energy of Radio ZET.


Our latest baking for Millennium bank.

Lotek – won’t fly without a child!

He flew out from underneath of our wings to make pleasant travel for the youngest LOT passengers.

whom are you going to vote for?

Darth Vader and other characters from "Star Wars" movie candidate in the election.

We promote Rak`n`Roll foundation program

A cancer during pregnancy is not a judgment

At Change we have a nose for creative ideas

This time we would like to present an ad for Contrahist - remedy for runny nose from Adamed Group portfolio.

Fill in your skin with youthfulness

We introduce you the newest discovery of AA cosmetics - double infusion system, strengthening the rejuvenating power of essential oils

Millennium Bank – 360

Not everyone can do one of the toughest motorcycle evolution. But anyone may open the 360° current account at Millennium Bank.

Polskie Radio Czwórka

Rebranding campaign including new claim

Our hearts are open

Real surgical procedure, real help, noble cause. Children supported by RADIO ZET Foundation really need your 1%.

First Instagram for reading

The popularity of Instagram is on the rise in Poland, while book readerships is decreasing. Can you reconcile fire and water?

Nothing tastes as Pudliszki

This taste is not a matter of chance

Millennium Bank – Chinese New Year

Radoslaw Kotarski about the most frugal nation in the World

Mąka Szymanowska

Mąka Szymanowska - in our family for generations

Bank Millennium

Our new Millennium Ad


It inspires everyone differently.


"All Risk" formula in PROAMA

Easy Money Management?

Here you go. Internet application of Bank Millennium.


Watch Agnieszka Radwańska in a suprising contest.


This taste is not a matter of chance.

Bank Millennium

The Best Bank in Poland.



Enjoy Skoda Yeti's commercial shot in an amazing californian… garage


This taste is not a matter of chance.


Sell out? Sell out!


Good Account challenge other accounts for zero offering lack of charges for basic services and up to 50 złoty cashback every month as well.


Oba Ma? Yes!

Jedyny Taki


Ladies and gentelmen, here she is...


TURN ONly Canal+


Football is in your heart. Matches on Canal+

Tatra – Outdoor

Seria reklam prasowych i billboardowych

Rexona Men

Creative idea is based on underlining products’ efficiency under stressful conditions and increased physical activity


Supporting white goods products in Russia

Superb interactive

Let’s enable clients to experience at their homes the comfort of using remotely controlled boot of the new Skoda Superb Estate


Image TV campaign for Cyfra+

E for shiny surfaces

Award winning series of print ads for PZ Cussons E
- a liquid for shiny surfaces

Genetix Sound Impressions

One day on - a national marketing website, we changed 250 published news...

Magic boobs

Hey man! Play with her!

Netia Internetournament

We used Netia’s 18th birthday to engage Internet users to first-ever TV-tournament online.

Cool Deo

Our first Nigerian TV ad


We bulit a statue of a Soviet credited for inventing a hangover remedy called "SpecTab"


TV ad presenting the world of simple principles and values.

Commodore is not dead!

First ever internet banner on the radio

Skoda Fabia vRS

Reklama prasowa promująca sportową wersję samochodu Škoda Fabia

Play Fresh

The campaign communicates Play Fresh attractive offer resulting from brand new attitude to pre-paid mobile offer

Skoda Octavia

Skoda. Simply clever.

Play – Do Czech

Spot TV

WWF Bicycle

Let's prove that properly segregated garbage may have life after life.

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