Fridge Challenge. Deliciously and healthy with Maślanka Mrągowska!

fridge challenge
fridge challenge

Deliciously and healthy with Maślanka Mrągowska!

In conjunction with the new campaign for Buttermilk Mrągowska, Pysznie i Zdrowo, we have filmed some online Fridge Challenge videos. We encourage everyone to take up the challenge and cook something special from whatever you happen to find in the fridge. You can watch the videos on YT, FB, TikTok and the website.
Maślanka Mrągowska, the most popular buttermilk in Poland, has just turned 25 years old. To celebrate the occasion, the brand has prepared a series of competitions and a summer lottery, with a grand prize of 6x10,000 PLN. Until the end of the year, Mrągowska will be able to surprise its customers with additional surprises and attractions, in the preparation of which we also had a part.



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